Our Mission...

It is the goal of the Tuftonboro Free Library to identify community needs and interests, and in response to acquire and organize books and other materials to promote and stimulate knowledge, culture, enjoyment, and continuous self-education for all residents.


  • Operate the Library in accordance with New Hampshire State Statutes.
  • Abide by the following American Library Association (ALA) and New Hampshire Library Association (NHLA) statements of principle (Appendices A1-A6):
    • Freedom to Read
    • Freedom to View
    • Library Bill of Rights
    • Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records
    • Code of Ethics
    • Statement on the Use of Internet Filters
  • Adhere to the Library’s Personnel Policy (Appendix B) and Investment Policy (Appendix C).
  • Follow the Town of Tuftonboro’s Pay Grade/Step Assignments (Appendix D), Safety Policy (Appendix E), and Emergency Closing Policy (Appendix F).
  • Cooperate with all member libraries of the New Hampshire Automated Information System (NHAIS).


  • All staff members are governed by the Library’s Personnel Policy (Appendix B), and by the Town of Tuftonboro’s Pay Grade/Step Assignments (Appendix D).
  • At least two staff members must be on duty for the Library to open/remain open.


  • The Library will serve all residents of the Town of Tuftonboro.  Persons residing elsewhere but owning property, attending school, or working in the Town will be considered residents.  Non-residents may join the Library by paying an annual fee as determined by the Trustees.
  • Patrons must provide proof of residence (or other qualifying information) and complete a registration form signifying agreement with Library policies and procedures.
  • Use of the Library’s resources or services may be denied by the Librarian or the Trustees for due cause. Such cause may be failure to return Library materials, destruction of Library property, disturbance of other patrons, or any other objectionable conduct on Library premises.
  • Patrons must comply with the Library’s Electronic Information and Services Policy (Appendix G1), and the Public Access Computer (PAC) and WiFi Procedures, as posted at all PAC stations (Appendix G2).
  • Patrons will adhere to all policies as specified in signed borrowing agreements for special items available for loan (Appendices I1-I3).
  • Parents are responsible for supervising their children.  Library staff and volunteers are not responsible for unattended children.


  • The Trustees set the Library’s Selection Policy, and delegate to the Librarian the authority and responsibility for its implementation, and for determining circulation procedures.
  • Materials are evaluated by standards appropriate to their purpose and nature.  Selection guidelines include:  accuracy of information, reputation and significance of the author, extent of coverage, literary quality, originality and imagination, timeliness, quality of production, reputation and standards of the publisher, and professional reviews.  Also considered in the selection process will be relevance to community interests and needs, number and nature of requests from patrons, need for additional/duplicate materials, suitability of format for Library use, physical limitations of the building, and budgetary considerations. Not all guidelines and criteria are applicable to every item, and may vary in relation to importance.
  • Materials which are no longer useful to the Library are to be systematically weeded from the collection, according to standard professional guidelines, as above.  Discards may be sold, given to other agencies, or destroyed, at the discretion of the Librarian.
  • In the event a patron objects to an item or items in the collection, the patron will be asked to put the objection in writing on a form provided for this purpose (Appendix H).  The Trustees will review the written objection at the next regular meeting, and the patron will receive a written reply.
  • The Library cannot perform the function of meeting local school curriculum needs.
  • The Librarian has sole discretion over the disposition of donated books and other materials.
  • Gifts of money, real property and/or stock will be accepted, subject to applicable laws, only if any conditions attached are acceptable to the Trustees.  Gifts of personal property, art objects, portraits, antiques, and other objects will be accepted only upon approval of the Trustees.
  • The Library reserves the right not to accept for deposit materials that are not outright gifts.  Town reports and records are exempt from this restriction, as long as physical space permits.


  • Library staff will strive to maintain a balance in library resources for adults, young adults, and children.
  • Trustees will ensure that open hours are sufficient and convenient enough to meet community demand.
  • Library staff will make every effort to fill patron requests for materials for which demand does not justify purchase through InterLibrary Loan (ILL).  TFL materials may circulate to other libraries as long as the requested materials are not in use or on reserve for local patrons.
  • It is not the Library’s policy or responsibility to police the selection of materials for use by any patron, of any age.
  • Use of the Meeting Rooms may be scheduled by permission of the Librarian, subject to the regulations pertaining to such use (Appendix J).
  • Announcements of community interest may be displayed on the bulletin board at the library, by permission of the Librarian.
  • Art, craft, and hobby exhibits are scheduled by invitation of the Librarian, and at the owner’s risk. Items on display are not covered by municipal insurance.  Exhibitors must complete a compliance form    (Appendix K1).  Receptions to open an exhibit require an additional form (Appendix K2).
  • Materials that advocate the election of a political candidate may not be displayed in the Library.
  • No canisters or contribution receptacles for charity or the sale of any commercial product shall be allowed in the Library, except for Library-related activities.
  • Only Library-related materials will be published on the Library’s website.  The Library will provide links to other sites of local interest.


  • This policy may be amended at any regular meeting of the Board of Trustees, providing that proposed changes have been submitted to all Trustees four weeks previously.
  • The entire policy is to be reviewed at least every five years, and revisions or reaffirmation filed with the New Hampshire State Library.


Gordon Hunt, Chair
Jamie O’Hagin, Secretary
Paul Matlock, FOL Liaison
Marsha Hunter, Treasurer (Alternate)

Kristen Clark (Alternate)

The Library's Operating Policy was revised and approved by the Board of Trustees in 2021. Access to all appendices available at the Library.